Lombok Pearl

Lombok pearl is a freshwater pearl cultured in Lombok Island. They are almost as beautiful as natural or cultured saltwater pearls. The quality of pearls is judged by the reflectivity and shine of the surface. Fine pearls do not have any flaws or spots in the nacre. Lombok and Sumbawa's seashore are a potential and pollution-free for Oyster Farm. In Sekotong, East Lombok, and in the North West of Lombok are the places where most sea pearls comes from. Lombok is also known for its "golden pearls" from the Gold Lipped oyster. It has over 24 active pearl farms pearl farms.

Natural pearls are created when an oyster covers a foreign object with beautiful layers of nacre. They were rare because they were created only by chance, as thousands of oysters had to be searched for only one pearl. By that we can say that pearl is a treasure. Today’s pearls are cultured by man. Shell beads are placed inside an oyster and the oyster is returned to the water. When the pearls are later harvested, the oyster has covered the bead with layers of nacre. 

Cultured pearls and Natural pearls can be distinguished from imitation pearls by a very simple test. Take the pearl and rub it gently against the edge of a tooth. Cultured and natural pearls will feel slightly rough, like fine sandpaper, because of the texture of natural nacre and the imitations will feel as smooth as glass because the surface is painted on a smooth bead.

It is very easy to take care of pearls. You must avoid it from chemical substance, alcohol and perfume because it will affect the sparkle of pearls.  Clean the pearls in water with baby soap and then wipe with soft towel after wearing them.
There many cases of fraught where buyers got manipulated and ended up buying imitation pearls. Here is the tips how to recognize real pearls and imitation pearls:

  • By gently rubbing it. The original pearls are not deformed if rubbed on glass, but it will leave some trace like chalk on the glass.
  • By the shapes and colors. The original pearls have irregular shapes, and also have natural color. While the imitation pearls have a round shape with a variety color and have a slick surface, shiny and light.
  • By burning it. The original pearls won’t be burned, while imitation pearl will be burned and melted, because it was made from plastic.


*Avoid the Pearls from chemical substance, alcohol and perfume because it will affect to the sparkle of pearls and pearls decay. Try to wear it at the last

*Clean the pearls in water with a soft soap or baby soap then wipe with soft towel after wear

*Save in the Save Deposit Box separated from the other jewelries like diamonds in order to save it from scratch.