South Sea Pearl

South Sea pearls are the largest and rarest pearls in the world. They are predominately recognized for their soft inner glow, and for their large size, ranging from 9 millimeter till 20 millimeter in diameter. South Seas pearls are cultured in the warm South Sea waters off Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and Thailand.
Indonesians’ South Sea pearls naturally occur in several colors ranging from white and cream, to silver, pink, and gold. Indonesian cultured South sea pearls are produced in the waters surrounding Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, and in West Papua Province (Irian Jaya), known as the “The last primitive land on the earth.”
In the eastern part of Indonesia, pearl culturing began in Aru in the early 1900s as part of Kokichi Mikimoto’s quest for the Pinctada maxima’s perfect growing conditions.

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LOMBOK is an Island part of INDONESIA Archipelago. Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia. Lombok pearl is freshwater pearl cultured in Lombok Island. They are almost as beautiful and as popular as natural or cultured saltwater pearls. The quality of pearls is judged by the orient, which is the soft iridescence cause by the refraction of light by the layers of nacre, and luster, the reflectivity and shine of the surface. Fine pearls do not have any flaws or spots in the nacre: it has an even smooth texture. Other factors which affect value are the regularity of the shape, size, and color: rose tints are the most flavored.

South Sea Lombok Pearl offer high grade quality South Sea Pearls, Lombok Pearls,Cultured Pearls from freshwater and Saltwater. We also prepare selecting pearls the choice of you in many colour ( White, Golden, Champange, Black Tahitian and Silver Perals). Prepare offer size 6mm till 16mm shape round, baroque, drop, button, circled and keshi unique. We also provide lastest design of Pearl Lombok jewelry such as : rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, Pearl sets  in Gold and Silver. We offer South sea loose black Tahitian pearls, golden sea pearl, white pink sea pearl, white violet sea pearls, champagne sea pearls, silver sea pearls wholesale and auction high grade and low grade in kilos for overseas and in Indonesia markets .

We are working directly with the best quality pearl farm in Lombok Indonesia, Which have succeeded to make chance to be comparative advantages to product a high quality pearl in kilos wholesale (lots) also selecting with a cheaper price. Not only that, it has a capability to compete in the domestic or international market. Farmer Pearls in Lombok is a business which passed on from one generation to the other, it's also supported by professional & competent wholesale. We could prepare the 50 kilos of all sizes from all forms of unique and all colors, high quality and low prices have budget international standards, and you can choose.